Monday, February 1, 2010

My very FIRST yoga class

It all began one night in L.A. when my friend Onahoua invited me to take a yoga class.

I had never done yoga before, but I was always interested. So I went.

The class was being held in someone's home. A small studio apartment in North Hollywood (NoHo as they call it, which has totally different meaning in the Bronx!)

The class was by donation only, which I thought was a nice touch along with the incense, candles and soft music.

I was feeling the ambiance.

The class began and 10 minutes into it, I think during "downdog" or "scorpion pose", I was hooked!!!

Now I had studied and even taught karate for over 10 years, so the balance and flexibility came pretty easily (not to brag).

And a lot of the asanas were similar to the Martial Arts; the "Warrior 1 & 2" stances were identical to a "Front Stance" in karate.

I was like - "OK. I can do this".

And then came shavasana. Ahhh...

Everyone's favorite pose. One of mine 'till this very day ;-)

I think in yoga class and in life we go thru all of the twists and bends and challenging poses that make us sweat and ask ourselves "why did I sign up for this again?" -

We do it all for shavasana. Ahh...

The class ended. We all said our goodbyes.

I thanked the teacher (Korbi was her name) and Onahoua and I left.

Now I had never been to a chiropractor (I have now, but that's for another blog) but I felt like I had just been "adjusted".

I felt like my back and spine was straighter. I felt lighter. Centered. Calm. Like I just had a really great "power nap".

To this day I'm so glad I said "yes" when Onahoua asked me to go.

I didn't care what people back home would've thought of this "Bronx boy" doing yoga in L.A. because I felt great.

I practiced yoga on and off with Korbi and eventually at other studios in L.A. and in N.Y. but I will ALWAYS remember my first yoga class.

Do you?

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