Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bamboomoves Warrior Teacher Training 2010

Day 2 of the Bamboomoves Teacher Training:

Today our students had special guest instructors; Stephanie Miller from Bamboomoves Englewood and Yoshio Hama from Bamboomoves Forest Hills.

Stephanie lead them through the warm up and the crescent moon sequences as well as how to do basic (and a few advanced) adjustments. And even the 9:30 am class had a chance to experience her awesome class!!! (Come back anytime Stephanie)

And later that night after Andrew shared from "The Yoga Sutras" and gave a much needed holistic energy healing workshop, Yoshio came in a taught a hip opener class that was intense but great! I rewarded everyone with smoothies; bananas, almonds, avacados and rice milk in a blender. De-Li-Cious!!! (try it)

Oh! And I started out the day by leading the class in 103 Sincerity bows and then Pranayama and chanting!

This was a major breakthrough for me since I have small, tint, fear of singing publicly!

But one can only lead from the front right? So I did it.

Goodnight future B.M.W. - keep the fire going! You're all doing a great job...

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