Sunday, August 22, 2010

This was probably everyone's favorite or at least memorable day.

We started like every other day, 103 bows, pranayama and
Ambria happened to get there just in time for chanting, so the class was excited to have her lead them in "Shiva Shambo"

Then we carpooled to Manhattan and met Andrew in Central Park where we had a lecture and practiced pranayama.

We went to the Belvedere Castle to check out the view and take some fun photos and then we were off to the Museum of Natural History. (I felt like a kid on school trip again. Fun)

We saw and amazing film in the Planetarium called "Journey to the Stars" We all learned there's a little bit of "Stardust" in all of us. (This short film is a MUST see) Our students minds' were expanded in realizing the size and scope of our Universe, the Galaxies and our own bodies.

Then in was off to "Sheep Meadow" in Central Park to practice Headstands. The grass was so thick and soft. Great place to practice.

Finally time to eat!

We walked to 82nd and Amsterdam to the Peace Food Cafe for some yummy Vegan food and a lecture on reincarnation.

A great day of I say so myself...

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